Expansive glass panels and the minimal frame lift/slide door systems open the living spaces to the outdoors


Minimal AS aluminum windows by Contempo Vista allows for a full glass exterior without visible joints
An expansive minimal frame window and door from Contempo Vista gives the homeowner views of the ocean while relaxing
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For over twenty years, Contempo Vista has been designing and manufacturing unique door systems and windows for luxury residences, boutique commercial and public sectors. We combine an innovative approach with highly technical craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Through production processes with low environmental impact, we create cutting-edge window and door systems that guarantee a reduction in energy consumption, while emphasizing the aesthetic beauty of buildings and living spaces.

Windows and sliders are united by the high quality of the materials used and their unique characteristics such as durability, resistance and thermal-acoustic insulation. Fixtures in thermally broken aluminum are used respecting specific design and aesthetic needs.

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