Strength, Beauty, Endurance & Grandeur

Only the world’s finest woods are at the heart of every Veranda View window and door. Strength, beauty, endurance, grandeur, attributes like these prompt the most sophisticated clientele to choose wood for their windows. Its natural appeal is known to stimulate the subconscious, ultimately lifting the spirits. The warmth of wood makes interiors more refined and enjoyable, integrating perfectly with interior furnishings.  Veranda View’s woods are hand-selected and exactingly shaped and carved by our craftsmen into works of art as elegant as your fine furniture.

With the aid of modern technology and advanced construction techniques wood will sustain its functionality and beauty with minimal care. We use triple-laminated wood for our frames and sashes, mortise and tenon joinery, highly elastic finish coatings with anti-fungal preservatives and insect repellents, silicone and neoprene gaskets for a tight weather seal and silicone-based glazing materials to prevent water and air infiltration. All these elements are vital to the longevity of the wood.