A modern home featuring Total Glass windows and sliding doors by Pinus


This classic farmhouse in upstate New York features all wood double hung windows and doors from Pinus.
Walls of glass are created by installing Pinus Total Glass windows and doors in this contemporary oceanside villa
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Pinus was founded in 1991 by brothers, Jerzy and Mario, producing non-standard, individually designed windows and doors.

The custom wood windows and doors production facility incorporates state of the art technology with an experienced workforce that is fundamental to our manufacturing. Customer satisfaction leads to recommendations which ensure our continued success.

Pinus delivers custom wood windows and doors to exclusive projects around the world. Our project include residences, apartments, and public facilities. We work closely with project designers, architects and installers offering comprehensive service that begins with the design and extends through to delivery and after sales service.

We offer our clients energy-saving wood windows and doors that have a positive impact on reducing operating costs. Our desire is to ensure our solutions provide adequate insulation for the building. Another energy-saving solution is our passive models that minimizes the heat transfer from inside the building to the outdoors.

Modern wooden windows can change the facade of any property and turn it into a pearl of modernist architecture. Our TotalGlass system allows you to make design projects with elements of modern solutions come true.

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TotalGlass means an inimitable design and the highest quality of products – solidity and the durability of production in a unique form. On the outside a full glass presentation. Windows and doors are connected with a flush appearance. Visible from the inside are wooden frames and sashes of the TotalGlass System which gives the room a warm and timeless character. TotalGlass forms a harmony of a modern building with the beauty of surrounding nature.