Double hung windows manufactured by Pinus and Architectural Openings have all the features of the classic English window. But also offer the highest quality, durability and performance. A vertical sliding window has a variety of types and finishes of the ironmongery like pull handles, locks, restrictors or vents allows to meet the individual requirements of every customer.

Sliding sash with spiral balances or hidden balances

This is the most common type of vertical sliders combining the classical look with ease of use. Sliding sash windows are the ideal solution for large windows. The spring balances are available in many standard and custom colors to match the finish of the window perfectly. The most exceptional variation of this type of window that our partners offer is the concealed balances version. This window with its superb look will meet all the requirements of the most demanding designs.  

Sliding sash with cords & weights

This is the most classic type of box sash window. It is equipped with traditional leaded weights with thin cords which are operated thanks to special pulleys that are available in many shapes, colors, and finishes to match the interior of the building. It is an ideal window for historical and period architecture. 

Sliding sash with chains & weights

A sliding sash window is a very similar type of window to the cords & weights system but instead of cords the windows are equipped with thin chains. The chains are available in several shapes and finishes to match the pulleys and locks. Additionally, they add charm to the window and improve the appearance of the interior. 

Mock sliding sash

Mock sliding sash windows are one of a kind. They are actually a tilt/turn inward opening window which was re-designed to give the impression of the vertical sliding sash. On the outside it even has the traditional horns. This type of window is the ideal fenestration solution for people that are looking for a classic appearance along with ease of use, security, airtight seals, and thermal insulation at the same time. A mock sliding sash window is the perfect combination of tradition and modern technology. 


  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to clean
  • 4 types available
  • Efficient ventilation
  • Variety of types and finishes of the ironmongery
  • Classic or contemporary styling
  • Easy to operate


  • All wood
  • Wood-aluminum
  • Wood-bronze
  • Minimal frame wood


  • Paint
  • Pre-finished custom stain
  • “Distinctive metal” colors
  • Full manufactures warranty on products including finishes

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